VLA drivers leave forum, there was a strong altercation

VLA drivers leave forum, there was a strong altercation (Instagram)

VLA drivers leave forum, there was a strong altercation | Instagram

The spirits were unleashed in Venga la Alegría, the famous morning TV Azteca, this after one of the dynamics of the Today Program competition, the drivers were too upset and caused an altercation that ended with the exit of the forum for some of them, still in full live program.

It was announced that this happened during one of the dynamics of the TV Azteca variety show, where the beloved driver Ricardo Cásares from the Favorite stole a point, a situation that caused enormous anger among the El Pueblo members, who decided to leave the Venga la Alegría forum at that moment.

The one who was in serious trouble was the producer of the famous program since the annoying drivers claimed they were on strike and went to the cabin where Dio Lluberes is to let him know the situation, all this, in the middle of the live program.

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However, despite assuring that they were on strike, the producer did not allow himself to be pressured and ended up putting order in the forum, pointing out to Anette Cuburu and her companions that if they did not return to the forum at that time they would be disqualified.

Even with all these inconveniences the show continued, the conductors returned to the game and although very upset, they concluded the dynamic; in which, to further annoyance, the team from El Favorit won.

Given the situation, the host Roger González questioned the audience about what their reason could be for having a favoritism for the Favorite, assuring that its members have nothing special; The one who did not remain silent was Laura G, who pointed out as a reason that she is afraid of the boss, nothing more and nothing less than because the beloved Sergio Sepúlveda is part of that team.

The altercation between the Favorite and the People was so strong that it transcended social networks and Internet users joined one or another team regarding the disagreement. On the Instagram account of VLA, the followers pointed out that Roger indeed has favoritism and that to avoid this type of problems Sepúlveda should not participate in the dynamics.

The video of these moments continues to cause outrage among Internet users, as it is available on the VLA Instagram account. But this is not the first nor the last controversy that will be in the famous morning.

Much has been rumored about Laura G’s relationship with the rest of the cast of the television show. There are those who assure that the driver gets along quite badly with her colleagues and that they only tolerate her for being in the program.

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It was even said that Pati Chapoy was taking advantage of this situation and that she was defending Laura G from the attack of her teammates. Come the joy in Ventaneando, because, supposedly, his goal is for the driver to be part of his team.

It has been a long time that Ventaneando is in rating problems, so they say, Chapoy would have seen in Laura an opportunity to increase the audience in his beloved show program.