Vizzotti said that there is no VIP vaccination in the Ministry of Health

The Minister of Health, Carla vizzotti, reiterated this Monday that there is no VIP vaccination in the Ministry of Healthand said that it will give a precise definition of which is the « strategic personnel » that can be vaccinated against the coronavirus.

« There is no VIP vaccination »said Vizzotti on Tuesday, considering that the anomalies reported they are a « punctual, incorrect and reprehensible situation » and he reaffirmed that the Government tries « to obtain the greater amount of vaccines possible ».

Vizzotti assured that « there is no VIP vaccination in the ministry or in any national sphere and it is absolutely false that there are 3,000 doses for that; there was a specific situation with ten people and the president Alberto Fernandez took an immediate and strong measure. « 

« We are working non-stop to get as many vaccines as possible, » he added.

Dissemination of the list of « vaccinated VIPs »

The official indicated that the Government instructed the Posadas Hospital to disseminate the « list of shifts that were delivered » for the application of the coronavirus vaccine.

Speaking to Radio Con Vos, El Uncover and the C5N channel, Vizzotti said that « the vast majority » of those immunized from that payroll « are strategic personnel », a criterion that, he said, « applies not only to this vaccine but also to the flu, not only in Argentina but in many countries, is relevant personnel to sustain the functioning of the State. »

In this regard, he stated that ordered the publication of the list to « inform the population about these people » whose immunization « depended on the authorization of the Ministry of Health and were vaccinated in that context. »

« It is to be transparent, to inform and to be able to generate all the actions from that, » he said, highlighting that the portfolio under his charge is at « the disposal of the Justice and of whoever considers to provide information. »


The definition of « strategic personnel »

On the other hand, he anticipated that for tomorrow the National Immunization Commission to validate a specific definition of what is strategic personnel and what people of those who make up that staff they should get vaccinated and coordinate a specific circuit. « 

The official stressed that this entity « is an area that has a lot of prestige, they are independent experts, they represent scientific societies and technical areas of the country’s regions, » and pointed out that the Ombudsman’s Office to « agree on this recommendation. »

As detailed, the objective of tomorrow’s meeting is to present to the Federal Health Council, made up of all the health portfolios of the country, a « proposal » to « strongly invite the provinces, in this leading role that the State has, to adhere to this proposal and protocol for monitoring and traceability of vaccines. »

Vizzotti also highlighted that « in a federal country, the responsibility of the State is the acquisition of vaccines and their distribution to the provinces, and implementation is for each of the jurisdictions. »

The meeting with Cafiero at Casa Rosada

On the meeting held today at the Casa Rosada with the Chief of Staff, Santiago Cafiero, the official said that they asked her « show the traceability of the vaccine and report with great transparency to strengthen the confidence of the population « .

« From the Ministry of Health we are going to strengthen transparency because we have the traceability of the vaccines, we have the system of who gets vaccinated and not vaccinated, and we also have the possibility of strengthening that through a much more specific mechanism and more concrete and, clearly, disseminate it regularly because it is a subject of great sensitivity, « said Vizzotti.

The arrival of the Chinese Sinopharm vaccine

Vizzotti confirmed that « this week will begin to receive this million doses » announced the weekend of China’s vaccine against SARS-CoV-2.

In fact, the Ministry of Health made official this Monday the authorization « on an emergency basis » for the coronavirus vaccine developed by the Chinese pharmaceutical company Sinopharm in collaboration with the laboratory Beijing Institute of Biological Products from China, from which they will arrive in the country a million doses in the next few days.

One million doses of that vaccine will arrive in the next few days from Beijing, which will immunize 500,000 people with two applications.

Vizzotti also said that « this morning » he spoke with the presidential adviser Cecilia Nicolini, who is in Russia in talks about the vaccine delivery schedule Sputnik V.

Finally, he specified regarding the AstraZeneca from Mexico, that the contract is signed and that Argentina « is on the schedule with more advanced times in the production of the antigen and in the shipment. »