Viveiro CF wins the victory against UD Atios in the second half (1-0)

04/04/2021 at 11:31 PM CEST

The Viveiro started with a 1-0 home win over the UD Atios during their first match of the Second Phase of the Third Division, which took place this Sunday in the Cantarrana viveiro galicia. After the result obtained, the viveirense team is third with 31 points and that of Porriño ninth with 20 points at the end of the match.

In the first half, neither team was right in the face of the goal, so the first 45 minutes ended with the same 0-0 result.

The second half of the match started in a positive way for him Viveiro CF, which premiered its luminous with a bit of bald in minute 55. Finally, the duel ended with a 1-0 score.

Porriño’s coach gave entry to Alonso and Xowi replacing Pacheco and frames, while on the part of the Viveiro it was replaced Diaz, Mountains and Louzao by Burundarena, Tichu and bald.

The match referee showed eight yellow cards. Of the two teams, Xaime, Burundarena, Pereira, Rolle and Meitin of the local team and frames, Pacheco and Estefan The visiting team were booked with a yellow card.

With this result, the Viveiro gets 31 points and the UD Atios with 20 points.

On the second day the Viveiro CF will play against him Ourense away from home and UD Atios will play his match against him CSD Arzua at home.

Data sheetViveiro CF:Cedrón, Edgar, Xaime, Rey, Pereira, Madero, Calvo (Louzao, min.86), Meitin, Tichu (Montes, min.74), Burundarena (Diaz, min.66) and RolleUD Atios:Diego Perez, Javi, Sergio De Paz, Sombri, Pacheco (Alonso, min.59), Estefan, Johnny, Alonso, Adrian Mouriño, Federico Mintegui and Marcos (Xowi, min.65)Stadium:Cantarrana viveiro galiciaGoals:Calvo (1-0, min. 55)