Vive Latino Police loses the battle against the fearsome

The Secretary of Citizen Security released the unfortunate news, one of the vigilantes of Vive Latino lost his life after contracting the disease from which all of Mexico is fleeing.

It was revealed that the police began to feel bad on March 27 and it was the family members who shared their symptoms.

Vive Latino was held last March 14-15 and only twelve days later the symptoms began in the security element.

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It was after a review that the analysis was positive and they proceeded to isolate them at home, in addition to taking the necessary measures with the colleagues with whom they had contact.

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The agency revealed that it was the officer’s wife who revealed her unfortunate loss and shared that the vomiting and diarrhea they were part of his symptomatology.

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They assure that the man went to ISSSTE on March 26, but the doctors assured that his condition was not serious and he was sent home, where things got complicated and the unfortunate outcome came.

On the other hand, the authorities ruled out the possibility of a massive contagion in the Vive Latino, this after the incubation time for the virus has passed and there are no cases related to the great event.