Visual challenge. Find the green candy among the Christmas objects

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Mexico City / 04.12.2020 08:01:18

The Christmas and although it may be a different celebration due to the coronavirus pandemic, covid-19, you have to enjoy in this context. Thus, the holidays could not go unnoticed in the visual challenges, activity that oxygenates the brain and gives you a break from the routine. This time we introduce you a complex challenge in which you must look for a green candy which is hidden in the middle of Christmas objects. Are you ready to wake up your Christmas spirit?

The Christmas is associated with the colors green, red and white, so you must be very careful to find the « lost » treat. In the next viral challenge, The first thing you should do is look at each space in the image and then find the target. How long do you think you will find the candy? Set the timer and share your answer. Good luck!


Here we leave you the image in which you must find the green candy:

Did you see it? How long did it take you to identify it? If your answer is “I didn’t find anything!” Take a breath… here’s the result, although maybe you should take a look around the Christmas balls.


Did the clue help you? If it was not helpful we will show you the solution to the problem. This is the answer to the visual challenge that went viral on social media. Click here.

Another Christmas visual challenge

Do you want another Christmas challenge? We share another Christmas challenge because it is never enough.

At Next viral challenge, you must find three snowmen that don’t have little eyes. Do you think you can find them? Set the stopwatch.

If you could not identify which are the snowmen that do not have eyes, we leave you the solution to your problem: click here.