Vissel Kobe receives Shonan Bellmare

07/02/2021 at 11:00 CEST

Next Saturday at 11:00 the match of the twenty-first day of the J1 Japanese League will be played, in which we will see the victory at Vissel Kobe and to Shonan bellmare in the NOEVIR Stadium Kobe.

The Vissel Kobe faces the match of the twenty-first day with optimism to channel a winning streak after winning the last two matches against Yokohama as a local and against him Fukuoka Wasp away by 5-0 and 1-2, respectively. Since the competition began, the hosts have won in nine of the 19 games played to date in the J1 Japanese League, with a streak of 29 goals for and 18 against.

Regarding the visiting team, the Shonan bellmare could not win at Kashiwa reysol in his last game (2-4), so he will seek a victory against the Vissel Kobe to set the course in the championship. To date, of the 20 games that the team has played in the J1 Japanese League, it has won four of them with a balance of 20 goals in favor and 24 against.

Focusing on performance as a home team, the Vissel Kobe He has a record of four victories, one loss and four draws in nine games played in his field, indicating that he will have to work hard during this game if he does not want to lose more points in his stadium. In the role of visitor, the Shonan bellmare He has won twice and lost five times in his 10 games so far, which are figures that do not show an excessively optimistic balance for the game that will measure him against him. Vissel Kobe.

The two rivals have already met on other occasions in the NOEVIR Stadium Kobe, obtaining as a result two defeats and a draw in favor of the Vissel Kobe. The last meeting between the Vissel Kobe and the Shonan bellmare This tournament was played in April 2021 and ended in a draw (0-0).

Regarding the situation of both teams in the Japanese League J1 qualifying table, we can see that the locals are ahead with an advantage of 13 points with respect to the Vissel Kobe. The team of Atsuhiro Miura He comes into the match in fourth position and with 34 points before the match. On the other hand, the visitors have 21 points and occupy the thirteenth position in the competition.

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