Last Wednesday, July 1, the flag was given for the resumption of tourist activity in Mazatlán, Sinaloa, after inactivity by COVID-19

After the reopening of tourism in the state of Sinaloa, the beaches of Mazatlan they recorded a generation of 19 tons of garbage and waste.

Last Wednesday, July 1, the flag was given for the restart of tourist activity in the port, after three months of inactivity caused by the health contingency by the coronavirus COVID-19.

In addition to hotels, restaurants and businesses, the 22 kilometers of Mazatlán beaches were also reopened, causing the arrival of 4,300 visitors to the port and the generation of garbage.

In this regard, the director of Ecology from Mazatlán, Lourdes San Juan Gallardo, affirmed that it is inadmissible to proceed with citizens and tourists, who left tons of garbage on the beach, despite having containers to place the waste.

On Wednesday, the mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres He led the flag for the restart of tourist activity in the port and stressed that the municipality was transformed to welcome visitors.

Accompanied by Juan José Ruiz, Undersecretary of Planning of the State Sectur and Maria Astrid Macías Fregoso, director of Capta, the mayor affirmed that the city is ready for the “New Normal”.

“Own and strangers are surprised that in three months of inactivity, the port did not stop, continued working so that at this moment we open the doors with the scaffolding that I mentioned (…) we had to prepare everything, because it is necessary to start on a road everything new, which is called today ‘New Normality’ ”, he mentioned.

He stated that during the COVID-19 pandemic, his government has taken care of the health of the Mazatlecos, although it is also necessary to balance the economy.

We will continue to live with the pandemic and we must learn to live with this bug (…) but it was necessary, as we have taken care of, and it is clear to all, the health of the Mazatlecos, (we must) match it with the economic activity that it had badly mistreated everyone ”, he added.

With information from López-Dóriga Digital and El Universal

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