Vision has a penis with a peculiar color and characteristics

The Avengers have great powers, but apparently those powers also shine in other areas far from crime combat.

The Avengers have great powers and interesting qualities that make them special. Either Iron Man’s genius-level intellect, Captain America’s super-human agility, or Vision’s change in density.

The avenging friend

Curiously, Vision has been part of the Avengers for many years, even coming out in video games and obviously, being an essential part of the team of heroes within the Marvel comics. And some stories involve his relationship with Wanda Maximoff, daughter of Magneto and mutant with magical powers.

For several years, the two maintained a romantic relationship, something that we will see shortly with the series that Disney has planned for its platform: WandaVision.

And a question that everyone has been asking for a long time is that, Vision being an artificial being … Was there a way that the two of them could have sex? It was established in the comics that they had children, that ended being artificial life forms created from Wanda’s manipulation of reality, but still, nothing was ever explicitly said about the intimate relationship of both.

But now that the series’ launch is approaching, Vision actor Paul Bettany confirmed things about Vision’s genitalia.

This ensures that Vision’s penis is purple and can change in density, just like his entire body.

This means that he can make his member heavier or lighter according to what he sees fit, And although we are not sure how that affects his life with Wanda, surely the two of them have a great time.

Maybe this is one of the weirdest notes I’ve had to make in my entire career, but when there is something interesting to tell, it is best to share it with all of you.