Visa will be the winning brand

Even though the NFL season is at risk due to Covid-19 cases and despite the fact that there is still no fixed date, new details have now been released about the next edition of the Super Bowl, an event that year after year it becomes an interesting showcase for brands.

In this way, it has been announced that Super Bowl LV will admit spectators but with one condition: the use of cash will be prohibited.

Thus we would be facing the first edition of the NFL final in which attendees must pay for all their supplies using contactless technologies, which have become popular in the midst of the pandemic in emerging markets such as Latin America.

In Brazil, for example, the pandemic accelerated the adoption of this technology; its adoption increased 565 percent between March and April of this year, according to a report by Americas Market Intelligence.

The measure seeks to make the celebration of the Super Bowl much safer for all those who will gather at the stadium, even though various health organizations have not issued direct alerts on the use of cash.

The CDC states that most transmission of the virus occurs through person-to-Persian contact and not through surfaces such as cash.

Similarly, the spokeswoman for the World Health Organization, Fadela Chaib, told MarketWatch earlier this year that this body has not issued any warning about the use of the papal currency and its game in the spread of the virus.

Even with this prelude context, there is a winner: Visa. The NFL has indicated that its partner Visa will be the brand that will cover all the retail purchases of the stadium, including with concessions, so it will be the firm on which all contactless transactions that take place in the next edition of the Super Bowl will fall.

“Visa is one of our key partners in helping us imagine how our fans will experience the NFL in the years to come,” Renie Anderson, NFL executive vice president of partnerships and chief revenue officer, said in a statement. “We are pleased to announce that for our biggest event the future is here and we thank Visa for the innovative approach to enable a more secure way to pay at Super Bowl LV. This move will not only make the game more enjoyable and efficient for our fans, but more importantly, safer for everyone involved. “

For Visa, the gains could be especially interesting even as specialized publications such as Sports Illustrated have reported that the league anticipates a Raymond James Stadium occupied at 20 percent capacity, which is equivalent to an attendance figure of up to 15,000 people.

And it is that beyond the number of transactions that could be registered (which will be evident less than those of past years), the great gain is in the value of the average ticket, which, considering what happened in the last edition, is particularly high .

In the last edition of the Super Dow, it was precisely the prices of the food and beverages that were sold inside the stadium that attracted the attention of more than one.

And it is that the price of a hot dog, called “exotic” was sold for the price of 32 dollars, which translates into just under 640 pesos.

According to reports on social media, a basket of popcorn sold for $ 15, a large glass of soda for $ 30 while a glass of melted cheese fetched $ 3.