Netflix: Vis a Vis the Oasis already has a release date | INSTAGRAM

The successful series already has a new release date, here are some details about the characters and the plot.

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This is not new, because we have experienced it with the phenomenon that caused the Spanish series “La casa de papel”, now it is Vis’s turn to Vis: El oasis, the spin off of the original series broadcast on Fox Spain and for reasons of fate, it seems it has not had the expected success.

It has been announced when it will be released on the Netflix platform, as well as what are the characters and plots that will continue in this new installment of one of the most famous Spanish fictions it has achieved in the entire world.

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And all this, added to the news that it was revealed that this would be the fifth and final season of the series.

Vis a Vis, also got popularity and interest from many international chains to increase the dissemination of the work with notable success, this fact encouraged the creators to add more and more content to the stories of the most popular characters: Maca and Zulema , whose rights were acquired by Fox Spain.

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However, this did not cause the expected fury, so now they hope to trace the project in the fifth season with its arrival on Netflix, the creators mentioned that the declaration of intent is maximum, since it is more than known that Netflix is ​​the platform with more reach.

And it is that, after four seasons that have left fans with a bittersweet feeling, Netflix has turned to promoting the fifth season of Vis a Vis: the oasis, as a tremendous finale for all the protagonists and main characters.

This includes welcoming new characters that give a little more life to the plot, as is the case of Cepo, who comes with his features of autism as one of the samples of diversity in the distribution of the series, for its part, also the plot is presented as conclusive.

As explained by the writers and creators of this continuation of the saga, the plot will focus on the last waltz / heist that will star Maca and Zulema as a particular duo, and for this, the action is completely transferred out of prison where they have spent the last seasons.

And, as we know, the end of the fourth season meant the farewell of many of the main characters of the original series, so in the fifth, in addition to new characters, and the absolute leading role of Maca and Zulema, who were the only ones who did not They have had the deserved end, only Goya returns.

To finish, Netflix has confirmed that the launch of the first chapter of the fifth season (and the last one, for the moment) will be on July 31, which is why a most serious August is presented, perhaps taking advantage of the prospects for a summer without so much vacation movement.