Tijuana Baja California.- Researchers at the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) have discovered data on possible deaths of Covid-19 that are not being recorded in official figures, according to an analysis of records of emergency responses.

For four weeks between April and May, paramedics found 329 people who died in their homes or in ambulances, more than twice as many as expected based on data from past years, the Los Angeles Times reported.

In that same period, the Government reported only eight deaths confirmed by Covid-19 outside of hospitals.

The study suggests that the country, like others in the world, may be putting aside many deaths from Covid in its official data.

The UCLA team reviewed data from the Mexican Red Cross and from many other institutions, but has not been reviewed by other colleagues.

Across all countries, the majority of confirmed Covid-19 deaths are reported in hospitals. Various governments in the world have faced the challenge of accounting for deaths that occur outside of them.

Analysts and international media have compared mortality figures from previous years to measure the true extent of the coronavirus.

Rescuers, according to the study, saw a huge increase in deaths at home in April. They noted that there was also an increase in patients with respiratory symptoms and little oxygen in their lungs.

The analysis reviewed data from April 14 to May 11 and compared it to previous years.

Excluding deaths from accidents, homicides, or other trauma, the average for previous years was between 135 to 95 less than 200, according to the data.

Reviewing the data for January and February, they found no significant differences.

In addition, paramedics supported 321 patients with respiratory symptoms during the study period, compared to 86 who were predicted based on data from past years.

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