In his 3 years of life, Nintendo Switch It has managed to get hold of a catalog of games rather than large, that is something that we can not question. Thus, during this time there are also a few games that have received ports for the hybrid console, and one of the companies that has been in charge of carrying out this type of conversion is Virtuous, which is already more than ready to work on bringing the next generation games, that is, from PS5 and Xbox X, to the semi-portable platform of the Great N.

Virtuos, in position to make Nintendo Switch players also receive titles from new platforms

Virtuos is the company responsible for allowing players to play titles such as Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age, Dark Souls: Remastered, Starlink: Battle for Atlas or The Outer Wolrds on Nintendo Switch, and is now working tirelessly to ensure that games from the new platforms may also reach the hybrid console of the Great N. Thus, in an interview with the English-speaking portal Maxi-Geek, Elijah Freeman, one of the managers of Virtuos, has commented that they are already working on it :

We believe 2020 will be a year focused on game development, where players will expect consistent experiences from their favorite games to be the standard. With the launch of the new Xbox X and Playstation 5 this year, developers need to create a strategy and planning to make the gaming experience consistent across all platforms. At Virtuos we are ready and we have a lot of talent that will help us bring these new games to the Nintendo Switch.

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In this way, we can already see that companies are working so that we do not miss a single game on this platform. And you, what game of the next generation of Playstation and Xbox would you like to see in the hybrid?