The event was canceled due to the coronavirus, but VW has digitized its presentation

Volkswagen has created a digital copy of its exhibitor at the Geneva Motor Show so that all enthusiasts and curious about the brand can discover de first hand ’the news that the firm had prepared for the occasion.

The cancellation of Geneva was the first blow of the coronavirus to the automobile industry. The Formula 1 debacle and the widespread closure of factories across Europe would follow, after the WHO declared it a pandemic and governments applied restrictions.

The Hall announcement came with less than a week to go, meaning the manufacturers had already executed most of their budget when they were ordered to pick up gear and head home.

To keep all that work from being forgotten, Volkswagen’s marketing team has turned to technology to create a virtual replica and make it available to everyone on its website.

A virtual 360-degree tour that you can now do with the help of a guide or on your own, to learn about the latest news from the company. They can look at the cars from all angles and even change the color and tires.

The big stars of the installation are the Golf family and the electric ID. Of the first, we find the Golf 8, the Golf GTI and the Golf GTE. In the electric field, we find the new and expected Volkswagen ID.3 and also the ID concept. Space Vizzion. Other models present are the Volkswagen Toureg R, the T-Roc R or the T-Roc Cabriolet.

“I am pleased that our marketing team has made our exhibitor in Geneva available to everyone despite the cancellation of the event,” said Jürgen Stackmann, board member and head of sales, marketing and after-sales.

“You can now experience our team’s attention to detail in presenting this room. It is yet another demonstration that a special situation calls for a special solution.”

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