Virgin telco Family, new fiber and mobile combination for 45 euros and additional lines with 50 GB for 6 euros

Today the improvements in mobile rates of Virgin telco which we anticipated a few weeks ago, but in addition, the brand with which Euskaltel operates throughout Spain also had news for its combined fiber and mobile that incorporate the new Family rate.

The arrival of Virgin telco Family replaces the old one combined with unlimited data for a rate with 50 GB, but 17 euros cheaper, and with additional mobile lines also with a cheaper fee. However, the unlimited data will continue to be available as an additional line and promotionally.

300 Mbps fiber and mobile with 50 GB cumulative for 45 euros

Virgin Telco launches its new rate as an intermediate step between the existing rates up to now. Your fee of 45 euros, includes 300 Mbps fiber and a mobile line with unlimited minutes and 50 GB cumulative. For an additional 6 euros, the fiber speed is multiplied to 600 Mbps, and the landline and television are still optional.

You can add up to five additional lines, each with 50 GB for 6 euros.

As a new advantage of the Family rate, up to five additional lines can be added, each with 50 GB for 6 euros. The old rates for additional lines will continue to be available for the combined 25 GB for 39 euros, with the increase in gigs announced in December and with the reduction of the additional line with unlimited data, which has gone from 37 to 22 euros.

For families with at least three mobile lines, the new Family rate will be cheaper as long as the 50 GB for each line is sufficient. Otherwise, it will be more interesting to add 100 GB for 14 euros or unlimited GB for 22 euros to the combined with 25 GB for 39 euros.

Regarding the unlimited data, Virgin telco is holding them for now as a welcome offer to new customers for three months. Afterwards, they are only available for mobile lines in addition to the combined one, and their total fee would amount to 61 euros, that is, 1 euro cheaper than the previous unlimited one, and with an additional additional line with 20 GB.

Among the changes made, we also find that the maximum data included in roaming has gone from 20 to 25 GB.

The complete offer of Virgin telco mobile and fiber bundles in January 2021 It is as summarized in the following image:

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Virgin telco Family, new fiber and mobile combination for 45 euros and additional lines with 50 GB for 6 euros