Michael Jordan playing in a park with teenagers (Infobae)

The dream of any fan of the NBA is that one day a star appears and wants to join the game he is playing with his friends. Maybe for most this sounds like a cliché, but some young Americans lived this experience firsthand after the very same Michael Jordan join the friendly.

This week a video in which the former player and idol of the Chicago Bulls in a park with some teenagers participating in a street duel. The recording lasts just a few seconds, but these are enough to make it clear that despite the difference in age, the star continues to make a difference. « Hey, do you still have YouTube? I that you are looking for ‘Michael Jordan ‘”, he says after scoring before the astonished gaze of the adolescents who lived through a unique moment.

Oddly enough, the life legend of the NBA he used to play street games in front of ordinary people, even in front of groups of office workers, after his retirement. « I could beat you, without you being able to do anything, but in a calm way. It wasn’t that I wanted to turn her on you, humiliate you. It was different. We didn’t see his combative side, because he just didn’t expect the same from us, ”said Tom Tuohy, one of those who participated in those games on Saturday night.

The funny thing is that the boys who participated in the game were no more than 16 years old, so they never saw Michael play, who shone in basketball from the mid-1980s until the late 1990s. Also, where he went is unknown. what happened this episode whose video was published by the user of Instagram ClaireGRoox10 the weekend.

Jordan played with Chicago Bulls in two stages: interrupted by his first retirement: the first between 1984 and 1993, and the second between 1995 and 1998. Between both cycles he managed to harvest six NBA rings, and was also chosen six times as MVP (Most Valuable Player) of the finals, five times MVP of the season and in 1985 he was chosen as rookie (rookie) of the year.

After the viralization of this video, the question remains. If Mike Tyson will box again at 54, can Jordan play at 57 again?


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