After grabbing attention by singing in a TikTok video, now Luis Miguel is once again a trend on social networks, this time with his appearance in an Uber Eats commercial that has sparked ridicule and memes from Twitter users.

In the commercial of just 19 seconds, the artist appears wearing black pants and white tuxedo, with a piano and several gold records in the background, referring to his musical successes and says “Tonight I am going to have fettuccine dinner with white truffle sauce and Parmesan cheese … My staunch friend, “then near the end of the video, a hand appears to hand Luismi his dinner.

The singer himself shared the video on Twitter with the tag “#EstaNocheVoyACenar” and immediately the reactions of the tweeters were immediate, publishing various memes on the famous social network.

“Luis Miguel will always be the king and he has just made the best commercial in history”, “Luis Miguel Pelón and announcing Uber”, “The question is how much did Luis Miguel get paid for this commercial”, “If Luis Miguel is El Sol de México has to promote Uber Eats, what awaits us? ” and “Luis Miguel is so great that he has just made the best commercial in history” were some reactions from netizens

The interpreter of “The unconditional”, “If they leave us” and “Guilty or not”, has given something to talk about because he is characterized by being extremely careful with his personal life and in recent days has been in the public arena.