Updated on 05/24/2020 at 22:55

His action unleashed the rejection of social networks. A man under the influence of alcohol who tried to drown a bear After breaking into their habitat at a zoo, he faces serious charges after the attack left the animal “distraught” and nervous.

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The protagonist of the ineffable viral video of Facebook, 23 years old, was recorded by visitors mistreating the bear Sabina at the Warsaw Zoo in Poland, after the quarantine was lifted to slow the progress of the coronavirus.

The pictures show the bear Bina Sabina ’prowling in the direction of the man who appeared to be oblivious to his surroundings after having jumped the security fence of the compound of the plantigrade.

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When he becomes aware of the presence of the enormous animal, the protagonist of the viral video of Facebook Panic and jump into a moat with water surrounding the habitat. Bina Sabina ’still keeps her eyes on the drunk from above before jumping into the water behind him.

At this point, the irresponsible subject applies a kind of key to the bear and he is seen trying to drown her while keeping her head underwater under the astonished gaze of the visitors. The man managed to escape with just a few scratches and was taken to a hospital.

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Meanwhile, a zoo spokesperson told the British newspaper. Daily Mail that ‘Sabina’ was unharmed from the attack of the unbalanced subject although she is stressed. The plantigrade She used to belong to a circus and is used to the presence of people but did not expect to be attacked.

“After the event, the bear she remained sitting in the water growling nervously until her caretakers came to her aid, “added the zoo spokesman, while saying that the drunk was lucky that” Sabina “was the only one in the habitat at the time.

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“The subject would have had less chance of surviving this event without suffering serious injuries if the bear had been in better conditions,” he added, stressing that the animal she was exposed to danger and her psychological comfort was disturbed.

The zoo announced that they plan to press charges against the drunk and that “they will exhaust all legal avenues to bring him to justice” since it is not the first time that the bear is attacked by a human.


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