VIP vaccination: one of the businessmen who traveled to Russia requests that Ginés González García be investigated for illicit association

Ginés is accused of influence peddling and of having formed an illicit association, among other things Ginés is accused of influence peddling and of having formed an illicit association, among other things

Former Minister of Health Ginés González García has just added a new criminal complaint in Comodoro Py. They accuse him of influence peddling and of having formed an illicit association, among other things. The complainant is Ariel García, representative of HLB Pharma, the laboratory that had registered Sputnik V and was later separated by the Government.

García was one of seven people who participated in the first trip to Moscow, in October last year. The official delegation was made up of the new Minister of Health, Carla Vizzotti, and the presidential advisor Cecilia Nicolini. But three representatives of the Argentine laboratory also traveled on the same flight, the wife of Buenos Aires Health Minister Daniel Gollan and a businesswoman from Santa Cruz who has a close relationship with the Kirchners. They all traveled on the same plane due to the shortage of flights, but as soon as they landed in Moscow they moved independently.

In fact, HLB Pharma registered the vaccine with the ANMAT and hired a team of experts to translate the documentation that arrived from Russia, an 11,000-page “dossier”.

From one day to the next, the lab was out of the game.

As . revealed in November, its managers ended up clashing with the authorities of the Ministry of Health. In between there was a silent game of pressure and even underhanded threats.

After the talk held by Russian President Vladimir Putin and Alberto Fernández, the official spokesmen had already let go of the government’s interest in signing a contract without intermediaries.

HLB Pharma laboratory headquarters HLB Pharma laboratory headquarters

The complaint against Ginés, which has already been pointed out by other presentations, summarizes the scandal that emerged from Friday about the vaccinated VIPs and blames the former Minister of Health for the entire maneuver.

The behaviors described could undoubtedly constitute the crime of influence peddling in ideal competition with the criminal type included in Art. 205 of the National Penal Code, while it is evident that they acted in violation of the measures adopted by the authority to combat a pandemic, beyond the paradox that, who acted against said measures, was the one from whom they had emanated in the first place “, says the complaint to which he had access ..

And he adds: “Likewise, it is clear and undoubted that Mr. González García could not have been sufficient only for the task he carried out, requiring a number of people to perpetrate the illicit acts described (such as someone who scheduled shifts and received those persons to be inoculated illicitly). This leads us to think about the convenience of investigating the possible existence of an illicit association, in a technical sense, around the facts described ”.