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I steal the title of this column from the Argentine press, which, in terms of the use of language to describe corruption, is ahead. The creators of the « parallel customs » (contraband), the « reboleo » (throwing bags full of cash on the other side of a wall), the « blue » dollar (without exchange control) or the « corralito » (confiscation of your money) have created “VIP vaccination”Which describes a system of privilege in the application of the saving vaccine.

The Argentine case is not identical to the Peruvian one, but the similarities abound. A hidden scheme, a list of favored, resigning and renounced health ministers. In our VIP vaccination the lie has been the flag. Perhaps the most shocking case of all is that of the Minister of Health Pilar Mazzetti. There is not, in this case, « I always knew » so Lima. He had been criticized for everything in his management, but not his righteousness. Therefore, learning of his criminal conduct on Monday night left the country moving between astonishment and indignation.

Participating in an experiment that seeks to save the life of humanity should be viewed as heroic behavior. Although the medicine has already been tested with animals and with small groups of people, it is in massive clinical trials that its effectiveness and adverse effects that may be unsuspected are appreciated. Unfortunately, the irresponsible and punishable conduct of Dr. Germán Málaga, principal investigator at the Cayetano Heredia University, who dispensed vaccines left and right (from the nuncio of His Holiness to the owner of a chifa) has destroyed the effort of 12,000 volunteers, the prestige academic from two medical schools and the international credibility of the Peruvian State. With that, there is a lot, but it is not all.

The involvement of more than one hundred public officials, namely, the former president, ministers, vice ministers, ambassadors, general directors with decision-making power goes beyond scandal. Their criminal, civil, constitutional and administrative responsibilities will be established in the coming weeks and months. They had to make urgent decisions about the procurement of vaccines and they did not make them. They and their families were vaccinated, watching thousands die. Was there not someone who raised his voice and warned that it was not possible, from any point of view, to do something like that? That is full of hopelessness. Well-educated people, without any moral compass. From the blackness of these days, a voice had to emerge. And we didn’t have it.

If we found out everything it was for political reasons. The spirit of revenge against Vizcarra searched and found. It was not until that fact was put in evidence that everything else, dropwise, has been known. The worst thing is that we still don’t know everything. The Chinese Embassy refuses to reveal the 600 names (at least from Peruvians) of people for whom it demanded 1,200 vaccinations. Dr. Málaga has not been able to explain why in his VIP vaccination he inoculated three doses to 40 people (including himself) beyond saying that he was experimenting with human beings, without any supervision. Statement that is hard to believe.

« You can no longer believe in anyone » is the phrase that is heard the most 50 days after the general elections. Voting is an act of trust, not blind of course, but of trust, after all. What the VIP vaccination has stolen from all Peruvians is more than one vaccine. It is the hope that confiding in the other gives.

Footnote. If even the director of Digemid was vaccinated, can the president and the Minister of Economy and Finance sign a Supreme Decree of Urgency for the free importation of oxygen concentrators and plants? The sanitary para-tariff restriction no longer makes sense. Our health does not interest them. They are interested in maintaining the monopoly of licensed drugstores. Only free trade generates competition and immediately reduces the price, in this desperate situation.

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