Adara and Violeta are on the warpath. The tweet of the winner of Big Brother VIP 7 assuring that she was going to sue Violeta has caused a schism between the two. The former Survivor contestant confessed on Monday on her MTMAD channel that she did not understand Adara’s anger: “I woke up one day and saw that he was going to sue me … I thought, what happens to this girl if I have never had any problem with her. You still need to put yourself in the hands of a professional. “

A few words that did not sit well with Gianmarco’s ex. So,Adara has decided to send a message to Fabio, Violeta’s boyfriend, where the extronista of Women and Men did not leave anything good and vice versa.

Offended, Violeta has decided to make this message public. “Give this message to your girlfriend’s geek please. Here the only one who has psychological problems is you who know what you do with food. You and your obsession with being thin, “began Adara.

And he continued: “Stop transforming your face into a real monsterthat you don’t even recognize yourself anymore, one of these days your lips are going to burst like two sausages. You are so unsure of yourself that you need to continually retouch yourself. “

A message ending with this message: “To the poor of your boyfriend you have machacaoyou just have to see how you speak I don’t know how he can’t even stand you. Go fuck yourself and don’t talk to me anymore. If you’re looking for a little bit of TV talking about me like a tick, look for another one. And another thing you are a shit shit blocking me on Instagram. “