Viola Davis confirms that Jared Leto gave a rat to Margot Robbie and tells how the actress reacted

Suicide Squad – 25% was a huge disappointment in the history of DC at the cinema. Although there will always be a lot of debate about Zack Snyder’s projects, at least they have the support of many fans; however, the David Ayer-directed film just didn’t really come together. One of the big problems was how high expectations were generated from the filming. From the beginning it was said that the film would be very different from other superhero productions and even from the same brand, there was also talk that it would be extremely violent and “adult”, but what attracted the most attention was all the rumors that were generated around Joker by Jared Leto.

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It is true that the Oscar-winning actor for El Club de los Deshuciados – 94% had little public support from the beginning, as the cult of Heath Ledger’s performance in Batman: The Dark Knight – 94% are very strong and loyal. But all this news about how Leto was approaching the famous nemesis of Batman. From staying in character all the time to sick gifts to the rest of the cast, all the strangeness didn’t make up for a misspelled character who was also really affected by the final cut that Ayer himself has scorned.

When all these attitudes of Leto became known, the media wondered how much was true and how much was a rumor to support the film. In fact, many groups even criticized what they saw as abuse of power towards their peers, which faded the emotion of seeing it on screen. Rats, used condoms, sex toys, bullets and dead pigs were among the “gifts” that the actor sent to make himself present as Joker in front of their peers. The matter did not end there, which at first was confirmed by everyone, even by himself, then it was said that it was nothing more than an exaggeration.

What was the truth? Leto could be trying to repair the damage to his image, which he definitely sacrificed for such a poor result. After the film’s premiere, the actor denied giving away used condoms, as well as the alleged discomfort of the rest of the cast. In fact, he said that the gifts were more planned by his assistant and his team, and that everyone had fun with it during production. In that interview, Entertainment Weekly focused on clarifying that there was no need to exaggerate, as he simply worked hard during filming.

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All the gossip made the news again because Leto himself revealed earlier this year, in an interview with GQ, that what he gave Robbie was not a rat but rather cinnamon rolls that he believed would be to his liking. The problem now is that Viola Davis, who gave life to Amanda waller, just confirmed that the interpreter of Harley quinn he did receive the happy rat and he can even tell how he reacted.

During a recent Vogue profile on Margot Robbie, Davis explained that the actress received a box and the rest of the cast joined in to see what was inside:

I would say out loud ‘don’t open the box!’ I was halfway to the door when he opened it and I saw the largest black rat you can imagine. Then… she cooed at her. Without fear. Open. Receptive Full of joy.

To be entirely fair, at the time Leto denied giving Robbie a dead rat … and technically he did, but he did send him a live one as confirmed. Many of the actors at that time did not feel comfortable with this procedure and even preferred to keep secret what had been sent to them. Luckily for Leto, his Joker had a spike with his little appearance in Zack Snyder’s Justice League – 82% and many still hope to see it in the future to dignify their work, although it is something unlikely with the next version of The Batman and The Suicide Squad that hopes to repair the damage of the film released in 2016.

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