Vinny Castilla, Matías Carrillo and José Luis Sandoval, to the Hall of Fame

Rosalía A. Villanueva

La Jornada newspaper
Friday, December 4, 2020, p. a14

Former Major League Baseball player Vinicio Castilla, Matías Carrillo, José Luis Sandoval, Isidro Márquez and Eduardo Jiménez will be enthroned in the 2020 Mexican Baseball Hall of Fame, in a ceremony that is pending date and place for the following year due to the pandemic.

This was announced yesterday at the end of the election assembly that was held from Monterrey in a virtual way, to highlight that all the registered candidates (there were 28) are horses and they had ridges, said Horacio de la Vega, president of the League Mexican Baseball.

We recognize the trajectory of the five players (Matías Carrillo, Vinicio Castilla, Isidro Márquez, José Luis Sandoval and Eduardo Jiménez), the veteran (William Serrel) and the chronicler (Jorge Me-néndez Torre) who are already immortal, declared De la Vega , who shared the anecdote of having won the National Sports Award with Vinny in 1998.

Castilla, the Mexican with the most home runs in the Major Leagues and wearing the flannel of six different teams, will be a banner that will further dignify the venue, said Horacio Ibarra, historian of the Mexican Baseball Hall of Fame, in a press conference by Zoom .

The Oaxacan, who played with the Yaquis (from Obregón) and (Naranjeros de) Hermosillo, as well as Saraperos from Saltillo, is recognized for his humility, the huge numbers he left and that affection he had for the fans for 21 seasons, highlighted Omar Canizalez, head of the Mexican Pacific League.

Matías Carrillo, who was also in the Big Top with the Milwaukee Brewers and Florida Marlins, and currently serves as a hitting coach in tricolor baseball, had the highest vote with 52 to enter the immortal compound; That speaks of his quality and successful career in the diamonds of our country, Canizales highlighted, referring to the considered most complete Mexican player of all time.

Ibarra mentioned that no one has been elected unanimously, which is why it has been one of the most significant elections in the history of the Hall of Fame.

In social networks, the Tigres de Quintana Roo congratulated Coyote Matías Carrillo and Dr. Suspenso Isidro Márquez for being immortal of baseball in Mexico. Congratulations to these two great stars who played for our organization!

The 2020 Class of the Hall of Fame received congratulations from the fans of the so-called King of Sports, including Alfredo Harp Helú, owner of the Red Devils of Mexico.