Vincent Kartheiser would play the villain Scarecrow in Titans

Montage of Vincent Kartheiser and the villain Scarecrow in Titans

Long ago they were officially announced to Scarecrow com the villain of season 3 of “Titans”, which should premiere sometime in 2021 (July?). However, what has not yet been said is who will play this villain in the series, despite the fact that it is well advanced in its filming, with a view to possibly ending in June.

The unknown of the actor for the villain could already be resolved by the latest leak that arrives, which places the actor Vincent Kartheiser as the one in charge of giving life to the villain. For now, we must take the information with caution, we are not talking about an officially announced incorporation.

Kartheiser is known for the series “Mad Men”, but also has an extensive history in television series, as in the recent “Das Boot”.

Recall that this third season will move the action to Gotham, and will feature the already announced appearances of Barbara Gordon / Oracle and Red Hood, the return of Blackfire, and the commented appearance of Joker. At the moment, there are not many more details of the plot of the season, which will premiere in the United States directly on HBO Max.

Via information | Titans Facebook Group