The WWE Hall of Fame houses names of legends from the company’s past, but there is no physical building where this is remembered. Vince McMahon plans to change that?

Many critics go to the WWE Hall of Fame due to the lack of a building with all the people decorated. Fans have often wondered what it would be like to visit the WWE Hall of Fame and what kind of arrangement it would have.

Vince McMahon says he doesn’t plan to make a Hall of Fame building

During the company’s shareholder meeting, Vince McMahon commented on the possibility of building a real WWE Hall of Fame. He claimed that the company is not a fan of “bricks and buildings” unless it is an office building. He is aware of the interest and stated that it could be a possibility “at some point”.

Bricks and cement is something that, generally speaking, we, apart from office buildings and office space, of course don’t necessarily like, but anyway, interest in that again continues to grow and is still a possibility somewhere in the future.

A WWE Hall of Fame could have been a nice addition to the WWE restaurant in New York, but that closed in 2002.

WWE has plenty of things to deal with before considering a Hall of Fame building. They must first overcome the coronavirus pandemic, which will require a return to the arenas and a touring schedule. WWE is currently talking to arenas to see how soon they can make that happen.

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