Vince McMahon stopped and restarted the fighting all night at Wrestlemania 36. The owner of the company wanted everything to be perfect for the show.

Vince McMahon stopped and restarted the fighting all night at Wrestlemania 36

That the night of Wrestlemania is crazy for Vince McMahon It is something we already knew but this year it has been further increased since the owner of WWE has wanted to make the recordings of the two nights of this year perfect, and He was cutting bouts in half and relapsing them so that everything was perfect.

Although this did not manage to eliminate all the botches of the combats, it did mitigate the possible errors that could occur in the combats. This is what the journalist has said Dave Meltzer about what Vince McMahon did on the Wrestlemania 36 recordings

The bouts were recorded and edited and redone. There were things where, I don’t know if it was tonight’s matches, but I do know there were matches this past week where when there was a glitch, it was like Cut! STOP! Let’s do it again! »

«It is a recorded event, but when you are doing heavy fighting, you don’t do it» CUT! STOP! REDO! This was much more, there was much. There was editing in many of the bouts.

So apparently not only the bouts outside the Performance Center were recorded as a movie but even inside the Performance Center everything was done as on a recording set.

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