WWE President and CEO Vince McMahon enjoys pulling pranks, even when people used to visit his home for meetings. He loved to shove people into his pool, and this particular story focuses on how Jerry Lawler almost found himself on the receiving end of McMahon’s antics.

On an episode of Lawler’s “Dinner with the King” podcast, he revealed that on the day of WrestleMania IX in 1993, Vince McMahon was hardly ever backstage at the event.

Vince McMahon fell into a fountain

The reason behind this absence would have been Vince’s failed prank on Lawler. On the day of the aforementioned event, they were both taking a walk in front of Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas. As they approached a fountain, McMahon ran to Lawler and tried to push him towards the fountain. The King saw him coming and dodged his boss. As a result, Vince went straight to the source as the victim of his own prank.

Lawler was legitimately concerned when Vince said he might have hurt his ribs. Thankfully, WrestleMania IX proceeded as planned, but the mere image of Vince McMahon diving head first into a fountain would have been a comedic sight to witness that day.

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