While 2020 has been a difficult year for many, including Vince McMahon. The WWE President and CEO has seen his wealth increase.

Previously, it was said that WWE had to make a budget cut, and that’s why there was a wave of massive layoffs at the company on April 15. This was harshly criticized, as it was said that the company had the resources to have to fire all those fighters in the midst of the crisis.

Some people even questioned this, as a move so that Vince McMahon’s fortune is not affected, and with this report it may be so.

Vince McMahon increases his wealth

Middleton Press has an article about the Connecticut billionaires who have been successful during the coronavirus pandemic. It turns out that McMahon is on the list as her net worth has grown from $ 1.8 billion to $ 1,977 billion.

This increase occurred from March to June. This is an increase of $ 177 million during the COVID-19 pandemic, which is approximately 9.8%.

Tom Swan, CCAG Executive Director, wrote the following about the report:

“This report is a clear reminder of the level of inequality in Connecticut. It also makes clear that any austerity argument is false when the legislature begins to grapple with the legacy of white supremacy and Connecticut’s impending budget challenges. “

It should be noted that McMahon has had several difficult times in recent months due to positive testing for COVID-19 in WWE and budget cuts, in addition to closing the XFL by declaring bankruptcy.

He is also dealing with several lawsuits against WWE and Oliver Luck, which sue him for wrongful termination for his departure from the XFL.

Despite the challenges, McMahon continues to make TV recordings at the Performance Center.

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