Vince McMahon doesn’t want CM Punk

Vince McMahon doesn’t want CM Punk

Vince McMahon doesn’t want CM Punk fighting in WWE. The WWE Chairman does not trust the wrestler and quickly dismissed plans for his return to Wrestlemania.

The WWE honcho quickly cut managers who asked about CM Punk’s possible participation in Wrestlemania 36. Vince was very blunt with what he said at the meeting:

CM Punk has shown us that he is a man who cannot be trusted. There’s nothing more to speak of.

The idea was immediately abandoned entirely, as no one can oppose Vince McMahon for fear of being fired. When it comes to Wrestlemania Vince is even more adamant, as he takes 100% control of everything that will happen in the big event.

CM Punk isn’t too interested either

Vince doesn’t want CM Punk, and the former wrestler doesn’t really want to step foot in the ring again either. He is currently well in WWE backstage and has no plans to fight again. Several colleagues such as Edge or The Undertaker have approached him to try to convince him, but they have received a negative response from CM Punk.

Despite this, for a large amount of money, Punk could think about going back part-time, although as we see, Vince is not willing to spend the money on someone he does not trust.

Who would you want to see wrestler CM Punk against again in WWE?

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