Vince Carter retires after 22 years of profession. The only player who has been to the NBA for four different decades. « Vinsanity » was special and he has managed to adapt to become a decent triple rider, but everyone remembers him for his jumping ability.

That math contest of 2000 is remembered as one of the best in history, along with that of 1988 with the battle between Wilkins and Jordan and the exhibition that Lavine and Gordon gave in 2016. Therefore, we are going to make our particular classification with the 10 best « dunkers » in history, in the opinion of this humble editor.

1. Michael Jordan

The best player in history is also the best killer in our ranking. « His majesty of the air » left spectacular dunks throughout his career, but the one who performed jumping from the free kick takes the palm. A mate that will remain posterity.

2. Vince Carter

Our protagonist had springs in his early career. The champion of the math contest of 2000 made his own and strangers enjoy themselves. Let them tell the great Andrés Montes.

3. Zach Lavine

This position may be politically incorrect due to the existence of Erving or Wilkins, but the Bulls player has won two math contests (2015 and 2016). In the second of them leaving a display to remember with Gordon.

4. Julius Erving

Doctor J won the first math contest in history and was the forerunner of mate from the free kick that was later perfected by Michael Jordan. Until then, no one had ever managed to fly that way.

5. Dominique Wilkins

A man who nearly knocked Michael Jordan down in the already-remembered 1988 contest deserves all the credit in the world. Also, their dives during the regular season were mythical.

6. Nate Robinson

His mattes may not have been as plastic as the other men on this list. But a 1.75 person who manages to jump Dwight Howard with the ease with which he did it deserves all respect. The only player with 3 wins in the dunk contest.

7. Jason Richardson

In the 2002 and 2003 seasons he gave an authentic exhibition with the Warriors shirt. His dunks catching the ball in the air sat chair. Well remembered was the « dunk » in which the ball is passed between the legs, after picking up a ball that he threw against the board.

8. Spudd Webb

The champion of the lowest matting contest in history (1.68m) defeated Dominique Wilkins in 1986. Just reaching the basket with his height should be meritorious, so his dunks were true works of art.

9. Kenny « Sky » Walker

Many people may miss Clyde Drexler on this list, but this may be because they do not remember the man who defeated him in 1989. The former Knicks player left a 360 dunk for the memory.

10. Aaron Gordon

There are probably players who have won the contest like Griffin or Howard who deserve this position more. However, his mate above the Magic mascot in 2016 forces him to be automatically in this classification. For me, the best mate in history.