Viñales outlines its future

06/10/2021 at 12:55 CEST

Maverick Viñales has come clean in a television interview on DAZN. The Yamaha rider has tackled all kinds of topics, from the current World Championship, his recent fatherhood or his future in MotoGP, which some see far from Yamaha.

Viñales he has just been the father of his first daughter, Nina, who came into the world just before the Italian GP. “It’s the best of life. A feeling I’ve never had. Once they put her in my arms … you can’t explain it. Everything else is insignificant. He was born on May 24 and I was sad to go to Mugello. It’s something very different really if they told you give life to your daughter you would give it to her without hesitation “, recognize. The most personal ‘Mack’ also counts the choice of your new tattoo. “It is a dragon, always reborn. And inside I put the R for Raquel, my wife, because whenever she was reborn, I would like to meet her, “he says.

Viñales He also explains his change of residence, from Andorra to Roses, his hometown. “I was looking for stability. I prefer to be at home and be well. Economic is not the most important thing in life. The important thing is well-being and, above all, being close to family. I prioritize that one hundred percent, “he argues.

A lot of potential

At the sports level, Maverick not going through such a perfect situation. He won the first race of the season, in Qatar, and has not been on the podium since. He ensures that he wants to show his worth and that he is in a learning process. “There were days when I went from being first to tenth and I didn’t understand anything. Now I begin to understand more things because you investigate more. As a pilot, I understand many more things, I go more point by point. Especially this year I want to know everything. And when you have the information on everything, you understand why maybe you don’t go fast on a Sunday, a Saturday or a Friday. What makes a pilot better is that. That is why I say that the next decisions, I will take them calmly. I have a lot of potential to give that I haven’t given yet. I want to get it out. “

The ‘million’ question about his future has generated some controversy these days. DAZN leaked a small excerpt from the interview in which Viñales he said, “I don’t want to be wrong again” and everyone interpreted that he was referring to Yamaha. The rider himself had to go out to qualify his words in Instagram to contextualize them, ensuring that he was referring to his old decisions in Moto3.

Now, in the full interview, Maverick points out that “I consider the future calmly, very calmly. I don’t want to be wrong again. I want to make a good decision, really take the path that best suits me, because in the end these years I have had to adapt a lot, especially in riding style, and try to make the option that best suits me. And that he can fight for the World Cup. It does not mean that this year I do not have the opportunity, but it frustrates me not being able to reach my potential. It frustrates me not being able to polish myself or be a natural me on the court. What is clear is that I want to win and that’s why I’m going. There are times when you don’t make the best decisions in life. A few years ago I didn’t make the best decision, so I don’t want to make a mistake again. “

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After a few beginnings in which he starred in more than one controversy, Viñales points out that “I have matured, I am more patient, but when I do things I do it with the same enthusiasm with which I started & rdquor;. Of course, now he also has the odd ‘start’, like the one that a few months ago prompted him to leave twitter. And he compares his time as a debutant in the World Cup with that of Pedro Acosta, the ‘rookie’ revelation of 2021: “Pfor me, something that Pedro Acosta has very good is the people that he has by his side. Like Aki (Garlic), it will put you fast on the road. I lacked having a serious figure that would tell me where I had to go. In Aki’s team he has it, they are strict and you can’t get out of there & rdquor ;, he analyzes.

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