Viñales, from last to first in Assen

06/26/2021 at 7:23 PM CEST

There are people who joke and, the truth, it’s not a joke. There are people who take it as if it were entertainment, fun or, at least, fun. Why? Because nothing (or almost nothing) makes sense in the life of Maverick Viñales, an impressive 26-year-old rider, Moto3 world champion who, as soon as he rose to the MotoGP category, has had it all , everything, everything, to be the best, the ‘antiMárquez’, the champion and never, never, has been close to it.

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It is incomprehensible what happens to this boy. It’s so complicated that even he can’t explain it. What’s more, when he tells it, nobody believes it. The most general opinion in the ‘paddock’, excellently explained recently by a report published by Nadia Tronchoni in the newspaper ‘El País’, is that everything is mental, everything is her fault, her environment, her constant changes without criteria, both at a technical, family or friends level and even advisors, managers and the environment.

Viñales has never been able to explain what happens to him. It is not possible (and nobody believes it) what he said yesterday when he said that from being the last (more than 24 seconds behind the winner, Marc Márquez) at Sachsenring, to the first, to the ‘poleman’, to the favorite, to the fastest In the convoluted route of Assen (Holland), the ‘cathedral’ of motorcycling, “the only thing that has changed is that here, in Assen, I have grip and I can do what I want with the bike and, in Germany, there was no way to make it work and everything was a disaster. And that, the thing about Germany, had already happened to me four times before, hence my anger, my anger and my statements & rdquor ;.

Nobody, absolutely nobody, believes that it is not a question of mentality, predisposition, attitude, mental training, ‘tarannà’, character, as the Catalans say. Can not be that MVK have everything, everything, to always be a fixed winner, almost a champion, and his World Cup finals are 6th, 3rd, 4th, 3, 4th and, now, he is 6th in the championship, 56 points (more than two victories) from the leader, his teammate Fabio Quartararo, who rides his own Yamaha M1. When yesterday they asked him if he would not be wiser reflect about his attitude and not being so aggressive when criticizing a brand and a motorcycle that is leading the World Championship, Viñales, who will start from pole, replied: “What do you want me to fall asleep in boxing and not say anything? I can’t add five or six races with bad results and say nothing. Not even God would be fast if he had no grip and that’s what happens to me. When I have grip I can do what I want with the bike and I am in front & rdquor ;.

The truth is that the ‘Diablo’, Viñales’ boxing partner, that is, the boy who replaced Valentino Rossi in the Yamaha team and whose presence, they said in the ‘MVK’ environment, was holding the Catalan pilot, they asked him yesterday several Sometimes if he knew what was happening to Viñales and if he found reasons for such irregularity. Quartararo, who is already becoming a veteran, said that he only looked at Viñales’ data “to know what he does better than me, where he is stronger, to learn and improve, but I have no idea of ​​his problems although, yes Sometimes we lack grip but sometimes& rdquor ;. Someone says it, Fabio Quartararo, who has achieved five podiums in eight grands prix and, of those five ‘boxes’, three are victories with the ‘MVK’ bike: Doha, Portugal and Italy.

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