He proposes to cancel this year’s World Cup and hold non-scoring races

It warns that it does not see a viable start to the season until September

Jacques Villeneuve, 1997 Formula 1 champion, believes that it would be much more sensible for Formula 1 to cancel the Championship and dedicate itself to holding events that did not count for the World Cup in the remainder of the year.

For the Canadian, there is no point in trying to recover the maximum number of races in August and lengthen a calendar that, according to him, should not count for the Championship. Jacques encourages the FIA ​​and Liberty Media to be brave and to say that there will be no scoring races this year.

“It would be a shame to start filling August with Grand Prix, and then gradually celebrate races from September to Christmas or even until January 2021 just for the sake of having a championship, whatever the price,” says Villeneuve in statements to Canal +.

Maybe we should have the intelligence to say ‘there will be no championship’. Decide to compete and each race will be a unique event, like the Indianapolis 500 Miles or the Le Mans 24 Hours. Each Grand Prix would be like a Grand Slam instead of a half championship, “says Villeneuve.

The 1997 Formula 1 champion believes that his solution is definitely the best given the uncertainty that exists, since he remembers F1 will not be able to hold a GP in the week that everything returns to normal, since preparing these types of events takes time .

“We don’t know when the season or sport in general will resume, when everything will return to normal and how, so it can be very disturbing,” he admits.

“I don’t see how the season could start because even if the world reopens and we could have an event, it takes time to prepare for this event,” says Villeneuve.

Thus, Jacques does not consider it feasible to hold races at least until September. “In any case, we will have to wait at least a month after the reopening. So, the first Grand Prix on the calendar should be in September,” predicts the Canadian.

“Later, I imagine that the various organizations and owners of Formula 1 will want to try to celebrate all possible races to achieve respect for the minimum contract, but this would be a mistake,” warns the Canadian to finish.

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