Villarreal steals Salzburg’s wings

“Red Bull gives you wings” reads the slogan of the well-known energy drink, but this Thursday was the Villarreal and not him Salzburg the one who put them on to fly into the round of 16. The ‘yellow submarine’ emerged to win 0-2 on the green of the Red Bull Arena from the Austrian capital and thus get the pass back on track. The task remains to be finished next Thursday in The ceramic, but it is difficult for one to imagine a comeback that leaves those of Unai emery after the income obtained thanks to the goals of Paco Alcacer Y Fer Child.

The Villarreal He threw pragmatism in a meeting that was not by far his best performance so far this season. It was difficult for him to impose his idea, so he had no choice but to assume that he was going to play what his rival wanted, who gave the duel a high rhythm and tried to torpedo the ‘submarine’ on the backlash. But either due to the precipitation typical of a very young team or due to a simple lack of success, the Salzburg didn’t find a way to hit the Villarreal.

Some amnesty was shown by all The flat, who wasted a shot from the penalty spot in the 24th minute of the game in the figure of Alcacer (which did not execute the launch in the best possible way), but it was his own ‘Paquito‘who opened the scoring just before reaching the break. Equal, who had forced the aforementioned penalty, took the squad and the bevel to throw a foul into the area and find Gerard, who gallantly fought with his marker before combing the ball to assist Alcacer. This time, Torrent’s did not miss, as he headed the net at the goal.

It was a goal of those who receive the nickname of psychological, for having a strong weight in the mental aspect when changing the script that was coming for the restart. And in it, the movie said it was the Salzburg who took a step forward in search of a tie, but Villarreal who managed to land a second blow to his rival. It was the work of Fer Child, who in 71 ‘finished off a good service from a Gerard that had reached the bottom line on the right.

The marker did not move again and now the Villarreal he just has to finish the job next Thursday.