Villanueva del Pardillo takes three points after beating Atlético de Pinto 1-2

05/12/2021 at 10:07 PM CEST

The Villanueva played and won 1-2 away last Wednesday’s game in the Amelia del Castillo. The Athletic de Pinto He faced the game with the intention of adding more points to his locker after drawing 0-0 in the last game held against the Complutense Alcala. On the visitors’ side, the Villanueva del Pardillo had to settle for a 1-1 draw against The Alamo. After the result obtained, the Pinteño group is second, while the Villanueva it is sixth after the end of the duel.

The first team to score was the Villanueva del Pardillo, who took the opportunity to open the scoreboard thanks to a goal of Raul Leon in the 27th minute. After this, a new occasion allowed to increase the score of the Pardillano team, which increased the score by means of a goal from Perez shortly before the end, specifically in 41, thus ending the first half with a 0-2 in the light.

In the second half, the Pinteño team scored a goal, closing the gap with a goal from Goal at 65 minutes, ending the duel with a final score of 1-2.

In the chapter on changes, the players of the Athletic de Pinto who entered the game were Altamirano, Imanol Y Landlord replacing Nico Pereda, Sbarra Y Sergi, while changes in the Villanueva They were Zarate, Cuellar, sheep, Paul Y Paniagua, who entered to replace Bonilla, Carbonell, Carlos, Gourd Y Garcia.

In the match the referee showed a yellow card to the visiting team. Specifically, he showed a yellow card to Carbonell.

With this result, the Athletic de Pinto remains with 34 points and the Villanueva Get 29 points after winning the duel.

The teams will continue to play their following matches in the Second Phase of the Third Division: the Athletic de Pinto will try to return to the path of victory in his next duel against him Saint Ana at home, while the Villanueva del Pardillo will play away from home against him Villaverde.

Data sheetAtlético de Pinto:Morales, Gascó, Kevin, Sbarra (Imanol, min.46), Raúl, Sergi (Rentero, min.72), Nico Pereda (Altamirano, min.46), Jorge Rico, Del Val, Juan Andres and GoalVillanueva del Pardillo:Kike Ojalvo, Pina, Raúl León, Balsera, Carlos (Borrego, min.77), Guaje (Pablo, min.83), Bonilla (Zarate, min.66), Simal, Carbonell (Cuéllar, min.66), Perez and Garcia (Paniagua, min.83)Stadium:Amelia del CastilloGoals:Raúl León (0-1, min. 27), Perez (0-2, min. 41) and Goal (1-2, min. 65)

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