Villa de Luanco, for their third win on their court

Toscaf Atlética-Lafuente Pereda, which has been rescheduled for January 3, has been postponed, the other team of the region in the First National Handball Championship, Oca Hotels Villa de Luanco, receives today (18 hours) at the Jenaro Fernández sports center Balopal from Palencia, “a team similar to ours and very combative,” warned Luanquin coach Manolo Gutiérrez, who has all the players in the squad available.

Villa de Luanco leads Balopal by two points, which has played two more games, so a victory would consolidate the aspirations of the Gozoniegos to achieve permanence. Despite the absence of public in the stands, Manolo Gutiérrez hopes that his team will become strong at home, where he has achieved two of the three victories that keep him in the quiet zone of the second group classification.

In the rest of the day, the regional rivalry match between Finetwork Gijón, the solo leader, and Unión Financiera Base Oviedo, a great favorite for promotion and which suffered its first defeat last day, against the Ademar subsidiary, stands out. The team from Gijón leads Oviedo by three points, although they have played one more game. The IMQ Group rests on this day, since its rival, Arroyo, withdrew from the competition.