Vikings outscore Bears 13-19


▲ Chicago fought to the end, but fell to Minnesota on Monday Night Photo Ap

From the Editorial Office

La Jornada newspaper
Tuesday, November 17, 2020, p. a38

Kirk Cousins ​​was finally able to break the losing streak on Monday Night by winning the Minnesota Vikings 19-13 against the Chicago Bears, who were left without their quarterback, Nick Foles, when he was injured because they were trying to capture him when the game was about to end.

On their visit to Soldier Field, the purple team took the agonizing victory with Cousins’ pass to Adam Thielen that broke the tie 13-13 and failed to convert two points; after that annotation the marker no longer moved.

It was Thielen’s second touchdown by sending Cousins, who in the second quarter made a mistake for Chicago to go ahead on Cairo Santos’ 42-yard field goal (7-6).

Chicago special teams were the ones to fight, where kickoff return specialist Cordarelle Patterson throttle into the promised zone to reach eight touchdowns and tie Leon Washington and Josh Cribbs for the most. number of touchdown returns by an NFL player.