File photo. Hanoi. Vietnam, April 16 2020. . / Kham / File Photo (Nguyen Huy Kham /)

HANOI, Jul 30 (.) – Vietnam’s main trading city, Ho Chi Minh City, has ordered the closure of bars and clubs and banned gatherings of more than 30 people starting Thursday, in order to prevent further spread of the coronavirus after an outbreak of infections in the country detected last week.

Ho Chi Minh City has registered two cases linked to an outbreak in Danang, the city administration said in a statement.

About 18,000 tourists who were in Danang were forced to return to Ho Chi Minh recently, the authority said. The restrictions come after similar measures imposed in the capital Hanoi on Wednesday.

(Report from Phuong Nguyen. Edited in Spanish by Marion Giraldo)