Vietnam opens gold-plated hotel amid pandemic

The consequences that the coronavirus has left are observed throughout the world. The economies of practically all countries have been affected due to the arrival of the pandemic. Closed borders, drop in income associated with tourism and successive business closings.

However, there are always exceptions and in this case it is the Dolce by Wyndham Hanoi Golden Lake in the city of Hanoi, in Vietnam. It is a hotel covered in gold, both inside and outside, and that aspires to become the most luxurious in the world after its inauguration in full pandemic.

Dolce by Wyndham Hanoi Golden Lake

Total, more than 120,000 square meters of facade covered with gold. Its owner, Nguyen Huu Duong, confirms that the sinks, the shower, the toilet in some rooms and the shower area around the pool are also gold. In addition, this past Thursday has been cataloged by the International Union of records as the “only hotel in the world with gold-plated tiles”. This year I expected the arrival of Formula 1 with the premiere of the Vietnam GP, which had to be suspended due to the pandemic. Next year, according to the provisional calendar, he will not receive a visit from the Great Circus either.

A golden experience at an ‘affordable’ price

Despite what it may seem, enjoy a night at the luxurious hotel It is not as expensive as it might seem at first. The owner wants it to be an experience within the reach of a wide audience, and therefore the price per night is 250 dollars, about 200 euros at current exchange rates.