Videos: Pablo Sandoval is the clutch hitter for Atlanta and all of MLB

At the time Pablo Sandoval He was the big star of the San Francisco Giants and won three World Series rings. Then he went for a millionaire figure to the Boston Red Sox and failed, now with Atlanta Braves assumes another secondary role, but really vital for the aspirations of the novena.

The “Kung Fu Panda” has four at-bats in 2021 and in two he hit a couple of key home runs for the Atlanta Braves. Pinch-hitter every time and this makes him a surprise hitter in the dugout.

His first hit was to tie the shares and his most recent home run was to win against the Washington Nationals. He emerged as a pinch-hitter to face Tanner Rainey and on a 3 – 2 count he unleashed his fury for center field.

He dragged a runner off first base and that two-run lead was more than enough. Being a double game day, the duels were scheduled for seven innings.

Sandoval, a native of Puerto Cabello (Venezuela), has 151 home runs in the Major Leagues. He was MVP of a World Series and attended two All-Star Games.

This had been his first home run of the season, against Philadelphia on Opening Day.