Videos of the collapse in Miami and rescue of people; the dogs have found no traces

More than 50 people are still missing.

Photo: Giorgio Viera / .

Nearly half a building collapsed in Miami-Dade, Surfside County, where local rescuers came looking for survivors, but Mayor Charles Burkett said the dogs have shown no signs of more people alive.

At least one was reported dead, but authorities later indicated that there are at least 55 people missing at Champlain Towers.

“We are preparing for bad news,” said the Florida Governor, Ron DeSantis in reference to dozens of deaths are feared.

Several videos circulate on social networks, including one about the exact moment of the collapse.

This newspaper obtained the images of the exact moment of the collapse, of about 35 people were rescued and two were already taken from the rubble, reported Ray Jadallah, assistant fire chief of the Miami-Dade Fire Department, at the press conference.

The collapse occurred at 1:30 am “It’s like a bomb exploded,” said Charles Burkett, the mayor of Surfside, Florida, where the property is located.

“This is a catastrophic failure,” he said on the Today Show.

The search for people began at 2:00 a.m., Burkett confirmed to NBC News.

“Tragically, there has been no sign of the dogs, and that’s a huge disappointment,” he said in reference to the search for people.

Several foreigners resided in the property. Paraguay’s Foreign Ministry said in a statement on Twitter that at least six Paraguayans were missing, including Sophia López Moreira, sister of the country’s first lady, Silvana López Moreira.

Lisandro Sabanés, a spokesperson for the Argentine Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said that at least four Argentine citizens lived there.

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