Thalía dances non-stop and surprises her fans

April 06, 20206: 08 AM

Thalía is a Mexican singer who has managed to penetrate throughout Latin America without inconveniences because her songs and hard work on the big screen have helped her gain followers without stopping.

In addition to the aforementioned, Thalía has had several very successful musical songs such as “Equivocada” and “Te perdiste mi amor”, these two songs have remained engraved in everyone’s mind.

And to continue adding successes to the singer Thalía, we told you that she stole the show at the Premios lo Nuestro over 10 years ago when she decided of her own free will to dance with the singer of “La bomba”.

No doubt everyone was impressed when Thalía was surprised by this man from one moment to the next and so she was distressed in front of the cameras. She couldn’t believe it!

And the video we are talking about has unleashed a wave of comments, among them we highlight: “How beautiful Thalía was at that awards ceremony, without a doubt the blue-blue singer was not going to choose another to dance, dance, as soon as she saw Thalía stayed with her, and she without hesitation danced with him! I love you Thalía for having that unique personality and beauty.