The IMSS reported that the goal is to disperse 22,300 credits to domestic workers and 23,717 to independent workers.

The Ministry of Economy, in conjunction with the Mexican Social Security Institute, announced the progress made in granting Credits to the Word before the health emergency due to COVID-19 in Mexico.

The director of the IMSS, Zoé Robledo, detailed that so far there are 5,117 approved requests for independent workers and people domestic workers access the Solidarity Credit to the Word.

However, he pointed out, the goal is to grant the economic benefit to 22,300 domestic workers and 23,717 independent workers.

For more information on Solidarity Credits, the director of the IMSS recalled that interested persons can call 800 623 2323 option 2 or enter the page

Information on Solidarity Credits. IMSS photo

Microcredits to the Word

The Secretary of Economy, Graciela Marquez, reported that the dispersion of Microcredits to the Word It is taking a greater dynamism, with the delivery of 8 thousand 901 million pesos through 356 thousand credits.

The official pointed out that most of the beneficiaries have used the money to buy tools, raw materials or pay salaries.

Márquez Colín reiterated the call not to fall into fraud, since the Federal Government does not request any deposit to access the benefit and provides financial support directly through a bank account.

ISSSTE Personal Credits

During the press conference, the CEO of the ISSSTE, Luis Antonio Ramírez, Reported on the personal credits.

He said that between May 6 and 26 they registered 230 thousand 525 applications for two draws. To know the 64 thousand 444 winners you can enter

In the second draw, which yielded 32,222 winners, three types of credit were put into play: ordinary, special and commemorative, whose amount ranged between 20,000 and 212,000 pesos.

Type of Loans drawn by ISSSTE

Luis Antonio Ramírez announced that this Monday the registration for a third credit draw, aimed at active workers more than 6 months old, pensioners or retirees.

Third ISSSTE credit draw

The director of ISSSTE highlighted that said institute offers very low interest rates. In comparison with the payroll credits with a rate of 24.9 percent and people credits With a 36.8 percent rate, ISSSTE loans have a 10.4 percent rate.


Iván Pliego, executive vocal of Pensionissste, assured that said Afore It is the best on the market, both for state and external workers, as it has the lowest commission collection rate.

Pensionissste’s benefits include a commission of just 0.79 percent; distribution of profits among account holders; incentive programs to encourage voluntary savings and competitive returns.

It also offers the possibility of partial unemployment withdrawal and unification of accounts.

Contact details of Pensionissste

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