VIDEO: Through tears, migrant child abandoned at the border says he is afraid of being robbed

An abandoned migrant boy who was walking alone and aimlessly was found by a man who was driving in the border between Mexico and the United States. In a sea of ​​tears the little angel told him that they had “dumped”And that he was afraid that he would be kidnapped or robbed.

In the shared video Mario Guevara, a reporter of Latino origin, it is appreciated how the driver gets off the vehicle and begins to talk to the little boy who, crying, immediately asked help.

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The little one whose nationality and who, judging by their appearance, has no more than 10 years He assured that he was with a group of people but that they had abandoned him.

-It can help me, I came with a group of people and they left me dumped and I don’t know where they are

-Did they leave you alone?

-Of course they left me dumped

-Did they leave you alone?

-I was left alone

-Don’t you come with mommy or daddy or with anyone. Are you coming with your mom or dad?

-Nobody, I came in a group that came (inaudible) and they left me dumped and I came here to ask for help

-Did they leave you dumped, did they tell you to come and ask for help here?

-I’m not coming because I don’t know where I’m going to go, they can also rob me, kidnap me or I’m afraid of something.

It was the dramatic conversation the little boy had with the man who, according to the reporter, handed him over to Border Patrol officials before something bad happened to him.

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