Video Thalía dances from her bathroom with only a towel for Instagram | .

The beautiful and talented Thalía Sodi consented to her social networks by filming herself from the bathroom and without clothes, something really maddening.

The interpreter knows that it causes tremendous fury on social networks with her publications and of course this Instagram story was no exception.

The famous one was recorded in her bathroom mirror with only a towel and to top it off she started dancing and moving her shoulders in front of the mirror.

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I think I can fall into an @ d1ction with you, you can hear one of his songs in the background.

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Tommy Mottola’s wife is a strong advocate that you have to enjoy everyday life and live each moment as if it were the last.

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Not everything has always smiled at the beautiful singer and actress, she has had strong g0lp3s throughout her life; Such is the case of the Lyme 3nf3rmedad, with which it has to lead every day.

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Thalía confessed that she had to take up to 30 pills to combat 3nf3rmedad and that was how she managed to survive it; now enjoy every moment with your beautiful family to the fullest.