Video: tense discussion between Neymar and Miguel Borja at the end of the controversial Brazil-Colombia

Neymar complained throughout the game.

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Behind the scandal in Brazil-Colombia last Wednesday at the Copa América, the spirits of both teams were heated. The complaints and the clashes between the players starred at the end of the game, and even moments after the last whistle. Neymar Y Miguel Borja they exchanged unfriendly impressions on the way to the locker room.

A camera captured the moment in which the attackers were engaged in a racy discussion. According to the Brazilian portal UOL Esporte, this was part of the dialogue between the two:

Neymar: You didn’t even play for Palmeiras, you failed.

Borja: They touch you and you cry.

Neymar referred to the passage of the Colombian striker for Palmeiras of Brazil. Borja was in the “Verdao” for three years, adding 24 goals in the league and 11 in the Copa Libertadores.

Borja replied with the main argument with which Neymar is usually attacked: his constant complaints in the field. This Wednesday was no exception. The PSG star brushed the limit by committing a foul that flirted with the red card.

The truth is that since the 2014 World Cup, the matches between Brazil and Colombia are of high tension. It has become a modern rivalry in South American football, which after the match in this Copa América became more spicy.

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