Video Tania Rincón vomits in the middle of transmission on Youtube | Reform

The beautiful Tania Rincon became news for vomiting in the middle of YouTube transmission, the host was invited by Karla Díaz, member of JNS to her Pinky Promise program, where things did not go as expected.

Díaz shared that his program would bring pink and fun content to all Internet users in these moments of quarantine, but he did not think that things would reach this level with his guest.

On a recent show, Tania Rincón and Ferka accompanied Karla on the broadcast, where they tackled a bit of everything and proceeded to a game.

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In this dynamic, a question was asked that if not answered had a punishment and apparently Rincon’s was too much for her.

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Tania Rincón was asked about how, when and where was her first time, something she decided not to answer, but she did not imagine the consequences.

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The driver’s punishment was to take a wheelie with frog eggs, could not avoid vomiting in full transmission; after that he said « I’m fine ».

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Tania only drank water after the punishment and continued with the program as if nothing had happened.