VIDEO: Subject threatens to kick young man inside Walmart and hurls racist insults

VIDEO: Subject tries to kick young man inside Walmart and throws racist insults at him

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Do you want to see my “back kick”(Spinning side kick used by karatekas) right now ?, was the threat that a white man made to a young African-American in a Walmart on Austin, Texas, who before the series of racist insults that the subject threw at him, only remained calm and away from the guy.

In a video that circulates on social networks, one of the customers records the discussion that apparently began in the supermarket checkout area.

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Then one of the witnesses to what happened is heard saying to call the police because the racist’s offenses rose in tone as he threatened to hit the colored man.

“Don’t try to fucking go too far and start something, right? Right?. “Do you want to see my spinning side kick
right now? ”, said the racist.

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The assailant’s friend yells at him to come back and he seems to give up, but then comes back.

“That’s what I’m tired of … black people, you think you’re so fucking strong and all that,” he says, standing up in front of the man in a position to challenge him.

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But the victim just stood there, eventually only raising one arm apparently in case he needed to block a blow while the target client appears to be practicing jabs. karate towards the young African American

Then it is seen how a Walmart employee approached and told the aggressive subject to leave, and finally the assailant does.

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“Pokémon Snap just came out,” says the colored client to the woman holding the camera, still being completely calm despite what he had just experienced. “I was trying to get Pokemon Snap“.

It was not reported exactly when the video was recorded but if it was during the launch of Pokémon Snap, everything would indicate that the date of the video is a couple of months ago, or perhaps the attacked young man only said that due to nerves and to diminish the tension of the situation.

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