Minnesota, United States.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation and Minesot authoritiesto investigate the death African American George Floyd after being arrested and subdued by a white Minneapolis police officer who was saying he couldn’t breathe, in a videotaped incident whereby four officers have been expelled from the body.

The event occurred on Monday night, when a police patrol went to a site in the city where a fraud. According to the Minneapolis Police Department, officers were informed that the individual, a black man of about 40 years later identified as George Floyd, he was inside a vehicle and seemed drugged.

A new video shows police officers struggling with Floyd while trying to subdue him while he was in his car.

In a second video, taken by pedestrians who ran into the scene, you see the man face down on the pavement and an agent on him squeezing his neck with a knee for several minutes, without changing his posture, despite the fact that the man’s complaints are heard several times that can’t breathe until it seems to lose consciousness.

“For five minutes we see how a white agent pinched his knee on the neck of a black man. Five minutes,” the mayor of Minneapolis, Jacob Frey, at a press conference with Police Chief Medaria Arradondo, who announced that the officers involved had been suspended for pay.

“When you hear someone cry out for help, you are supposed to help them,” he added. “This agent failed in the sense most basic human. What happened last night was simply horrible”.

In the video you can hear the man complaining: “My neck hurts. Everything hurts … water or something, please. Please, please. I can’t breathe Agent, I can’t breathe. “

The voice of a woman is also heard, signaling that the man is bleeding out by the nose.

Another passerby, amid insults, yells at the agent: “That’s bullshit, brother. You prevent him from breathing, brother. Pick it up off the ground. You are behaving like hell. “

In the recording Another policeman, with Asian features, is also seen watching the scene interposing himself between his companion and the curious, whom he prevents from approaching.

“You are enjoying it”, one of the witnesses is heard saying. “By now you could have put him in the car. He is not resisting, nothing. You are enjoying it. Your body language says so … You know it is all a farce now”.

Another passerby, according to the recording, urges the agents to take the individual’s pulse and at one point assures: “Now he no longer responds, It does not move”.

Massive demonstrations

Thousands of people protested on Tuesday night in Minneapolis for Floyd’s death 24 hours earlier.

The protest began at the site of the floyd’s death and ended up in front of a nearby police station, where the Riot Police launched gases and rubber balls protesters after some damage, according to the local newspaper The Star Tribune.

The protesters marched to the cry of “I can’t breathe!”, the same one that Floyd pronounced while one of the agents had him immobilized for minutes with the knee over your neck.

The congresswoman Democrat Ilhan Omar, representing the city of Minneapolis, said “what is happening tonight in the city is shameful“, by urging the Police to” act in moderation “and give” space to heal “to the community.

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“Shoot rubber balls and tear gas Unarmed protesters when children are present should not be tolerated. Never, “he said.

The Mayor of Minneapolis, Jacob Frey, announced Tuesday afternoon the dismissal of four police officers involved in the events that led to the floyd’s death, including the uniformed one who appears in the videos with the knee on his neck.

“Being African American in United States shouldn’t be a death sentenceFrey said.