Video shows Juan de Dios Pantoja his newborn son

Juan de Dios Pantoja shows his newborn son on video (Instagram)

Juan de Dios Pantoja shows his newborn son on video | Instagram

The husband of “La Lindura Mayor” Juan de Dios Pantoja the known musical artist Mexican shared a video In his official Instagram account where he appears next to his son, he ended up showing him to his fans.

This video was a live that the interpreter of “Santa Paloma“, while feeding his little newborn son, so he decided to chat a bit with the fans who happened to see him.

The 25-year-old singer like his wife Kimberly loaiza He has become a celebrity not only in social networks but also in music and as a recognized influencer next to his wife with whom throughout these five years they ventured into social networks and the world of YouTube they continue to be united and sharing interesting content.

About eleven hours ago this video was shared, in which he is sitting in the armchair of the hospital room where Kimberly Loaiza is, Juan de Dios Pantoja is semi-reclining and with a light blue blanket, that is where he has a her little son, the singer and influencer as well as an entrepreneur, was feeding her a bottle newborn son.

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Juan de Dios Pantoja He already has a bit of practice because as you will remember he and Kimberly Loaiza already have a little daughter Kima Sofia to whom he by the way mentioned in the video that both he and his wife missed her a lot, but unfortunately the hospital could not enter small children and there were even some changes in it, because they did not allow him to bring flowers to Kim Loaiza.

The IGTV that the young singer shared lasts 24 minutes and 57 seconds, in it after he finishes feeding his son, he accommodates him on his chest to be able to get the air out while gently patting his back.

The fans who were watching the video asked him several questions and even requests, because everyone is eager to meet little Juan de Dios Pantoja Tercero as his father affirmed, his fans from the moment he was born two days ago on 16 of February they want to meet little Juanito, so Juan de Dios decided to show one of his little feet, carefully took off a sock and showed the sole of his little one’s foot.

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At the back of the room was his wife Kimberly Loaiza who was much better, she had just walked a little on the doctor’s recommendation so that all her organs were rearranged in the best way, although she interacted little in the video her voice was heard while He gave his opinion, although a little short because apparently it was 3:00 in the morning.

Something that the couple made quite clear was that for all their followers, in the event that supposedly leaked videos and photographs were shown, they claimed that all this was false because the couple and the people around them are quite precarious with the content they show and they have decided to take their time to officially present their new baby to Juan de Dios Pantoja Loaiza.

It is likely that in a short time they will share content where their baby appears, however, they assured that they should first publish other exciting videos before showing the face of their little one, so their fans should be somewhat patient, until the moment they decide that it is time to do so.