VIDEO: Pregnant young woman denounces ex-partner who beat her and almost lost the baby

Young pregnant woman denounces couple for hitting her

Photo: Video capture / Courtesy

A young girl identified as Kenya Mirelle Castillo he denounced in networks the beating that his ex-partner gave him while intoxicated despite being pregnant in Mexico.

Hello, I am Kenya Mirelle Castillo Cruz. I’m pregnant and I suffered aggression from my ex-partner “, this is how the young woman posted her case after being beaten on May 7 at her home in Puebla.

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“I have a threatened abortion, bruises internal, placental abruption, deviated septum and neck sprain. I need help from all the people so that this does not remain in a folder more ”.

In a video, he related that, at one o’clock in the morning that day, Dante Moreno He came home with some friends drunk.

Two hours later, her companions left and the man stayed drinking alone until five in the morning and then went up to the room where she was.

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“You ignore me, you don’t care, you never take care of me,” her attacker told her.

He stands in front of me with a challenging position, he continued, to which I say: are you going to hit me?

“You, your friends, your family, they fight me because you do not know the power that I have,” he said. Dante.

According to the young woman, he later pulled her to the ground, broke her phone, hit and kicked her despite being 10 weeks old. pregnancy.

She managed to lock herself in the bathroom and, not being able to enter, the man withdrew from the house, which she took advantage of Kenya to escape.

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“I am 10 weeks pregnant, threatened abortion, I sprained my neck and the bruises are already disappearing, “he said.

The woman begged the help of Governors of Puebla and Tlaxcala, since her ex-partner is originally from the municipality of Zacatelco, of the latter entity.

“I am raising my voice with great fear, but also with great faith that the corresponding people will help me see that justice is done in this case.”

According to the Brujas del Mar collective, Dante Brown is brother of Juana Moreno Morales, candidate for local deputy for District 13 in Tlaxcala for the Progressive Social Networks party.

“The family of these characters now has under threat Kenya and his family”, He assured.

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